Hi and welcome to our A.S.A.G

(Anti smash and grab) page…

This product is a result of many many hours of research and development….As the name suggests it will stop the thief in his tracks and will be finding himself having a “rethink” about stealing your pride and joy……This is not all about saving your car, what about your Workshop or business, what about your boat, your caravan, your trailer and even your motorbike can be fastened to it so they CAN’T carry it away.  

It has been completely designed and manufactured entirely in house and we now have stock available for the market place…

Among the photo’s offered you will recognize there are two designs/ models.

      1/  The first is intended for those who have an existing concrete slab (proud of floor) for it to be secured too !     It is simply Dyna bolted down and depending completely on you and your circumstance it will be mounted inside your garage or park space or outside the door so its perfectly obvious to those would be thieves.           

2/ The second (flush floor)  is intended for those who are designing or building in the future.    This unit / kit will come supplied with a “plug” you will put in your slab during the pour and when set will be removed so the ASAG can be fitted in its place…This gives you a unit when folded that will be completely flush with your floor to reduce the trip hazard factor. 

  • This very robust design made from Quality Australian 6mm “C” channel steel and weighing 11kg as a unit.  
  • All drilled,pinned and welded in place are solid 1/2″ pivot pins and the designs incorporated in this unit makes it very very hard to break down, cut open or tear from the ground.
  • Even when erected the supplied padlock (incorporated in the design) is also very very difficult to tamper with or cut off.
  • The finished product is brightly painted  with a very durable 2pak and clearly labeled for the would be thief to be discouraged.
  • Dyna bolts and padlock and GST is all included.
  • really easy to erect and fold away.
  • $ … above ground $350 and flush floor $380
  • Discount applies for multiple units and builders.
  • Australia wide postage no problem but extra, please offer your postcode for a quote. 

NEWSFLASH !!!!!!     Be on the lookout for our units which are now being secured to underground high rise apartments “personal car parks” 

Very exciting times indeed and thanks for looking………….

All inquiries to be directed to    info@peninsulajag.com.au    or call Murray on 0755446954